Strategi SOA™ can help you:
Build new web-based applications
Create web-based extensions to legacy applications
Incrementally break up monolithic applications into
service-oriented architecture components
Create components from legacy applications that can be dragged and dropped into other environments such as Visual Studio, .NET or Eclipse

Features and Benefits

Break-up Monolithic Application
Incrementally break-up monolithic applications into service-oriented architecture components, changing legacy applications from within.

No More Green Screens
Resulting applications inherently support multiple interfaces such as HTML, Flash, WML, etc., unhooking legacy applications from a green screen presentation.

Integrate Development Teams
Any standard language and development environment can be used for both back-endand front-end development, providing a wayfor contemporary and legacy development teams to work together on common projects.



Active Delivery of Host Reports and Files
To desktop applications during session, enabling users to receive and print reports and files from anywhere, anytime.

Installs Directly on the Host
Installs directly on the host to eliminate the security and point of failure risks associated with the use of gateways.

Manage App Components Independently
Unique template architecture separates applications, web programming and presentation, so each can be developed and managed independently.